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Batch Jobs allow you to send SMS Messages to Contacts automatically when the contact record meets a set of criteria. 

Each Batch Job has it's own set of criteria, along with it's own Schedule. You have the ability to set up several Batch Jobs with unique criteria and schedules for different events and purposes. 

Follow the steps below to set up your first batch job.

Users must be assigned both the TXTinIT user license and the appropriate permissions to access TXTinIT features.

Schedule a Batch SMS Message

Step 1: Click SMS Batch Jobs Tab
  1. In your TXTinIT App, Click on the SMS Batch Jobs Tab.

Step 2: Create A New SMS Batch Job
  1. In the SMS Batch Jobs tab, click New

  2. Enter a Name for your Batch Job

  3. The Status picklist does not need to be changed as it is updated via the Execute Job Button.

  4. Select a SMS Template. See Create a TXT Template Guide

  5. Enter an Error Message to display if the Batch Job fails

  6. Follow the instructions for the remaining Checkboxes.

  7. Click Save

Step 3: Edit Selection Criteria
  1. In the top right, click Edit Selection Criteria

Step 4: Define your Selection Criteria
  1. Decide whether your SMS template should be sent if ANY or ALL conditions are met

  2. Create your conditions by entering a Field, Operator and Value. Add more rows if required

  3. Click View Selected Records to check that your criteria evaluates is expected

  4. Click Save Criteria

Step 5: Configure your Send Schedule
  1. In the Top right of the screen, click Set Schedule

  2. In our Birthday example, we've set the schedule to run every day, as to not miss any customer birthdays

  3. We've set the time of send to be 10am

  4. We've selected no Auto-Stop on this Schedule

  5. Once completed, click Schedule at the Top to activate your Batch SMS.

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