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This guide will show you how to create a Text Template for repeated use. Keep in mind that the trial version of TXTinIT only allows for one template.

Users must be assigned both the TXTinIT user license and the appropriate permissions to access TXTinIT features.

Create A Text Template

scrnli_9_14_2020_3-49-47 PM.png
Step 1: Click SMS Templates Tab
  1. In your TXTinIT App, Click on the SMS Templates Tab.

scrnli_9_14_2020_3-56-29 PM.png
Step 2: Create A New Template
  1. In the SMS Templates List View, click New to create a New Template.

Step 3: Create Your Template
  1. Name your Template

  2. Select a Phone Field. This will automatically populate the To Phone field.

  3. Select the reference Object

  4. Type the Body of the template, use the Insert Field button to add Merge Fields

  5. Check the Available for Use button

  6. Click Save.

Step 4: Send SMS
  1. Go to the Case record (or the 

  2. Click the Send SMS button. If you have not configured the Send SMS button, see this guide

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Step 5: Send from template
  1. Select the Template you've just created

  2. Click Send

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