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To start texting, you will need to add the Send SMS buttons to your page layouts.​

The package comes with the buttons pre created for you on the following Standard Objects: Leads, Contacts, CasesYou can create the same buttons on Custom Objects as long as you have a Phone field available and populated.

This example will show you how to add the button for a Case.

Add Texting Buttons

1. go to object manager.png
Step 1: Go to Object Manager
  1. Go to Setup.

  2. Click on Object Manager.

2. bring up case object.png
Step 2: Search For The Case Object
  1. Search for the Case object.

  2. Click on it to bring up the Case Object configuration details.

3. go to page layout.png
Step 3: Open A Case Page Layout
  1. Click on Page Layouts.

  2. Click on a page layout to add the button.

4. drag send sms to mobile actions.png
Step 4: Add Send SMS Button
  1. Click on Mobile & Lightning Actions.

  2. Look for the Send SMS button and drag it to the Salesforce Mobile and Lighting Experience Actions.

  3. Save your page layout.

Remember that it can take a few minutes before the button shows up on your Page Layout. Try hard refreshing (CTRL+F5) if it doesn't show up.

5. send text button available.png
Step 5: Confirm Button Placement
  1. Go to the Case with the right Page Layout and confirm that the button exists.

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