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This guide will show you how to send a text message from a Case record.

Users must be assigned both the TXTinIT user license and the appropriate permissions to access TXTinIT features.

Send A Text Message

1. click on send sms button.png
Step 1: Click On Send SMS
  1. In a Case record click on the Send SMS button.

2. sms screen.png
Step 2: Send SMS Screen
  1. You will be taken to the SMS screen.

  2. See the screenshot for how to use the fields on screen.

3. filled in screen.png
Step 3: Fill In The Details
  1. Select a Phone Field. This will automatically populate the To Phone field.

  2. Optionally select a Template. This will automatically populate the Body field if selected.

  3. Click Send.

4. outbound messages captured.png
Step 4: View Historical Messages
  1. All outbound text messages are captured as Task records. You can see it on the parent record as an Activity.

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