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Users must be assigned the appropriate permission sets to allow them to use various features of TXTinIT.

TXTinIT comes with the following 3 permission sets:

  1. TXTinIT Admin - Intended for Administrator use only. Allows access to all features including configuration screens.

  2. TXTinIT Bulk Sending - For users who require the ability to send bulk text messages

  3. TXTinIT User - For users who require only the ability to send single messages from records.

Assign TXTinIT Permission Sets

1. search for permission sets.png
Step 1: Look For Permission Sets
  1. Go to Setup.

  2. Search for Permission Sets.

  3. Click on it.

2. click on permission set.png
Step 2: Click On A Permission Set
  1. Click on one of the TXTinIT Permission Sets.

For the purposes of this guide we will use the standard TXTinIT User permission set.

3. click manage assignments.png
Step 3: Click on Manage Assignments
  1. Click on the Manage Assignments button.

4. click add assignments.png
Step 4: Click On Add Assignments
  1. Click on Add Assignments.

5. assign users.png
Step 1: Assign Permission Set to Users
  1. Look for the Users that require the permission set.

  2. Click on the tick box.

  3. When all users have been selected, click on Add.

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