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Once the TXTinIT App has been installed into your Salesforce Org, you will need to authenticate the app with both TXTinIT and your SMS Gateway Provider. This will enable you to send text messages directly out of Salesforce.​

This guide assumes that you have chosen Bulletin as your SMS Gateway Provider of choice.

Authenticate Your Org

1. access the txtinit app.png
Step 1: Open TXTinIT
  1. Open the TXTinIT app from the App Launcher.

If you do not see the app, you may not have the TXTinIT license assigned to your user account.

2. access sms settings.png
Step 2: Open SMS Settings
  1. Click on SMS Settings.​

3. get started.png
Step 3: Start The Process
  1. Click on Get Started.

4. bulletin credentials.png
Step 4: Enter SMS Gateway Provider Credentials
  1. Select Bulletin. If you are using another Provider then select the one relevant to you.

  2. Key in both your SMS Gateway Provider User Name and Password. (Please note, depending on your gateway this may require API Credentials to be set up and used in place of a username & password)

  3. Click Save and Continue.

This step is required to enable Salesforce integration with your chosen SMS Gateway Provider

5. authenticate with txtinit.png
Step 5: Authenticate With TXTinIT
  1. Click Auth with TXTinIT.

This step is required to register with TXTinIT.

6. allow access.png
Step 6: Allow Access
  1. Click on Allow.

7. close page.png
Step 7: Close Confirmation
  1. Click Close.

Your Org is now authenticated with TXTinIT.

8. continue after authentication.png
Step 8: Continue
  1. Click on Continue.

It has been reported that the Authenticated Field sometimes stays as "Not Connected" even after authentication has been successful. This will be resolved at a later date.

9. send test message.png
Step 9: Send A Test Message
  1. Enter a Mobile Number.

  2. Enter a Test Message. Remember that character limits apply.

  3. Click Send.

  4. After receiving your test message click Start Sending.

If you have made a mistake with your SMS Gateway Provider credentials repeat Step 4 to resolve the issue.

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