To use TXTinIT app you must assign licenses to authorised users.

This guide will show you how to do so. Note that TXTinIT Free comes with 1 user license.

Assign TXTinIT Licenses

1. look for installed packages.png
Step 1: Look For The TXTinIT Package
  1. Go to Setup.

  2. Search for Installed Packages.

  3. Click on it.

2. click on managed licenses.png
Step 2: Click On Manage Licenses
  1. Look for the TXTinIT Installed Package and click Manage Licenses.

You do not need this step if you have purchased a Site License.

3. click add users.png
Step 3: Click On Add Users
  1. Click on the Add Users button.

4. add licenses.png
Step 4: Assign Licenses to Users
  1. Look for the Users that require licenses.

  2. Click on the tick box.

  3. When all Users have been selected, click on Add.